It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2

Morning Star dreams 5/6/21

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5/6/21 – 2 Morning Star back to back Baseball Dreams

I went to a Morning Star Advanced Prophetic Conference in Charlotte, NC, to check with the Lord some more on all that he has shown me, to see if I needed any correction on the details, just in case my information was incorrect or misinterpreted, on what California has coming to it in 2022. That was the whole purpose of my going, California. The conference started Thursday, but I arrived there at Morning Star Wednesday night and God did not waist any time in answering my prayer. That night, he answered me with  2 dreams connected back to back.

In the 1st dream, I was in a try out for a baseball team. I was a pitcher. Rick Joyner and friends were standing by watching us play, as in a try out. I took the mound to pitch and the first pitch I threw, nothing happened. On the 2nd pitch, I threw the ball and look over to Joyner and friends and they gave an approval of my pitch, that it was good, but it took a long time to get to the batter at home plate, like the batter was much longer from the pitcher's mound than normal. Finally, my pitch reached the batter and he hit the ball. The ball ricocheted off a bunch of square pillars, like 5 or 6 of them. I followed the ball off these pillars, caught it and it wound up being a golf ball. I tug the runner out and said, "you're out."

2nd dream - I'm now the batter. I'm up to home plate. The pitch comes in and I hit a long fly ball to deep right center field. I'm rounding 2nd base and look in the outfield. There was no fence in that part of the field and I saw kids a long distance away, scattering trying to get to the ball. I knew it was a home run and jogged home with ease. Home run.

Interpretation - I went to this conference to see if I needed correction on anything prophetic I had from the Lord, but just the opposite took place. I'm hitting a homerun in the Spirit on what I have because it is God who has given me what I have and have it correctly interpreted. I was good on playing both offense and defense.

The 1st pitch in the 1st dream, nothing happened. That was my meet up with Rick Joyner to try to awaken him to what's coming to California in 2022, in the book signing line, but he gets inundated by many people, so nothing happened. I went back in line to tell him because he didn't take me serious, he just brought to pass the 1st part of my dream, the pitch that nothing happened on.

On the 2nd pitch that was hit, I caught the ball, but it was a golf ball, smaller than a baseball and needing more precision than a baseball, showing what I have is more precise in prophecy than what Morning Star has concerning the California mega quake prophecies. I tug the runner out. The ball bouncing off the pillars are checks against their pillars in prophecy, one of which is Bob Jones prophecy of California going down after Japan has their mega quake. What I have is more precise in prophecy than the general description Bob Jones has in his prophecy. I know WHEN it's coming, thus, the golf ball, a more precise prophetic catch.

Then, my hitting a homerun in the 2nd dream, is obvious. I'm hitting it for a homerun on what I have for California. Thus, God is showing me that what he has already shown me is on and there is no correction in interpretation needed. I'm hitting a homerun on it.